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Do you want to work in a multinational company with projects in diverse industries and from different parts of the world?

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Ditech is in Spain, Panama, Morocco, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Canada, so our projects and clients span a diverse range of industries and technologies, ensuring a multicultural experience. Moreover, most of our positions are open to applicants from a wide geographic range. as we value experience and skills above all else.

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Why work at Ditech?

If you're seeking a challenging and exciting job, join our company with projects spanning different industries. We offer a flexible work environment, growth opportunities, multicultural experiences, and additional benefits.

Growth opportunities

Continuous learning is crucial in IT, so we prioritize access to courses, certifications, and workshops, providing support at every step. Also, if you desirAlso, if you desire to switch specialties, explore a new industry, or take on a different role, our Human Resources team is always available to guide and facilitate the process.

Flexible work environment

Our remote work projects allow you to work from anywhere worldwide, as long as you maintain clear communication with your leader and have a reliable internet connection.

Additionally, relocation opportunities are available if you're seeking new professional challenges in another country.

Multicultural experience

Not only are our projects located worldwide, but Ditech has people from diverse parts of the world, making multiculturalism and diversity an integral part of our daily operations.

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