Access cutting-edge technology and highly qualified staff worldwide to scale your projects.

Boost your company's adaptation to the constant change and innovation of the technology sector

Cost Reduction

Complement and build domestic or global expert IT teams while reducing hiring, training, and staff retention.

Greater Flexibility

Adjust your staffing capacity according to your projects' and clients' needs and demands.

Enhanced Focus on Strategy

Focus your operations on effective and efficient project management that aligns with your business strategy.

Increased Innovation Capacity

Access specialized talent, regardless of geographical location; Worldwide IT professionals to benefit your business and technology processes with expert skills and knowledge.

Seize the Opportunity

Access hard-to-find qualified IT consultants at competitive costs with low turnover, supported by a company with an international service vision.

Want to know more?

Our recruitment team is committed to finding the best IT professionals and relocating them if necessary to ensure you have the right talent where you need it.

With Ditech, you get:

1- Optimized response times based on profile requirements.

2- Clear and effective communication in request management to achieve objectives.

3- Professionals in constant training and growth.

4- A recruitment and selection team focused on the IT sector.

Frequently asked questions

We are a company that sees service globally, without borders. Therefore, we offer remote, relocation a ndon-site work options, as our global presence allows us to search for professionals in different countries. We can adapt to requirements for in-person work, data handling, and security.

We cover all IT-related profiles, including Functional Analysts, Developers (front-end, backend y fullstack), data engineer, data scientist, UX designers, Test automationEngineers, Manual Testers, Server Administrators, Operations Engineers, DevOps Specialists, Middleware Technicians, Solution Architects, Specialized Consultants, Project Managers, Technical Leaders, Business intelligenceExperts, Security and Monitoring profiles, among others. We have a global perspective on the IT market, and we look for the specific IT professionals you need.

Our extensive experience in IT Outsourcing with companies of various sizes and sectors allows us to drive the growth and strengthening of your projects with highly qualified professionals.