Benefits associated with the adoption of Oracle NetSuite as an enterprise management system

Today, we will focus specifically on the functions of the Oracle NetSuite ERP, what this tool consists of, and what benefits can be obtained with its correct implementation within an organization.

What is Oracle NetSuite for businesses?

Oracle NetSuite is a program that allows the data received within a company to be managed on a single platform in a more organized way and provides real-time visibility. In other words, the implementation of Oracle ERP allows the management and automation of all the company’s internal information for successful decision-making.

Additionally, Oracle NetSuite is a solution that allows:

  • Simplify your business: certain mechanical tasks or management activities can be simplified through process automation. Oracle NetSuite makes this possible so your business can focus on managing other areas where professional management is necessary.
  • Make better decisions: because this tool allows you to access your financial data, make reports, customize boards and analyze the results obtained from business, it is possible to base decisions on authentic and accurate information.
  • Running a global business efficiently: Oracle NetSuite helps you manage subsidiaries, business units and legal entities in one place. The chances of increasing visibility at local, regional and global levels are much higher. Additionally, Oracle NetSuite is used in over 200 countries, supports more than 27 languages and receives 190 currencies.

At Ditech, we have an alliance with Oracle, so you can easily access NetSuite’s advantages, as well as the budget you need for its implementation and what kind of NetSuite features fit your organization.

What benefits does implementing Oracle NetSuite offer in your administrative processes?

  1. Cost reduction: Oracle NetSuite tools do not require constant maintenance, as they have two updates per year, so it is always in the latest version. In addition, they allow continuous monitoring of management tasks to reduce the margin of error during their execution and subsequent analysis of the information.
  1. Real-time, affordable information: You can access Oracle NetSuite from any device to review your business information in real-time, up-to-date, and at any time. This is because it is a 100% Cloud tool that tracks 365 days a year all processes for continuous operation.
  1. Greater security: This great tool has various levels of backup, including backup of your information, a security system storage in multiple locations, and data encryption so that your company is always safe.
  1. Scalability and flexibility: as your organization moves forward, the Oracle NetSuite tool adapts to the growth of internal processes, as well as new processes that arise, through the different NetSuite modules.