Business areas should have a CRM service

The integration of IT solutions and software is a step that many companies still need to take; despite knowing the advantages technology gives today, this usually happens because the tools that fit the company’s needs have yet to be discovered. For example, managing tasks and providing excellent customer service are vital, as they are part of growth objectives, scope and KPIs. That’s why at Ditech, we talk about the importance of customer relationship management, also called CRM and other aspects that you can keep sight of if you are looking to optimize your goals. Continue reading.

We know that using CRM is an essential step in a company’s digital transformation because it is a great choice for having a comprehensive view of workflows that boost the Return on Investment (ROI) and fix errors.

In addition, CRM software is a multitasking helper specially designed to promote that the company’s users take advantage of their potential in their department, regardless of their technical instruction.

What is a CRM?

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, refers to practices, business strategies, and technologies focused on the customer relationship. Software tools allow businesses of all sizes to stay connected with customers, optimize processes, improve profitability and drive business growth.

It stores information about current and potential customers (such as name, address, phone number, among others) and identifies their activities and points of contact with the company. This includes customer visits, phone calls, email exchanges, and other interactions.

Why use CRM software in companies?

CRM is a powerful tool that helps companies avoid outdated processes and manual effort so the business can advance so it’s easier to organize and have access to accounts and contacts, speeding up and simplifying the sales process.

All team members, no matter where or what they are doing, will always be working with up-to-date data on customers and their interactions with the company. With data in sight and easy access, it allows greater collaboration and increased productivity. Also, sending any information to the company’s different areas is possible, so sticky notes are no longer necessary, nor is spending all the time analyzing spreadsheets.

Areas where you can implement CRM software

  • Marketing: Although it is not so simple to collect data and much less identify where they are redirected, especially when management is done manually, a CRM can help to group information in different segments in one place. This will make it possible to make a set of prospectuses according to the interests sought.
  • Commercial: Taking into account that in this area, sales objectives and forecasts are determined, it is a must to have proper management of customers for carrying out action plans that allow measuring, learning and improving so the sales team will have the opportunity to simplify the process.
  • Customer service: Being fully aware of what your customers are looking for means providing timely responses and defining campaigns according to their preferences and needs. With CRM software, maximizing sales opportunities is possible since it will allow users to perceive that you know them and understand their steps, generating loyalty.
  • IT: One of the most outstanding tasks in the IT department is to monitor and evaluate information systems to improve corporate processes. CRM software provides detailed information about the relationship of personnel with the technology running in the company that contributes to the performance reports made by IT teams.
  • Marketing: With a CRM program, the marketing team can accelerate the path of buyers because you can group information from different segments in one place, so collecting data and identifying where they are redirected is more manageable. This, synergies with the sales team are combined for marketing strategies; knowing potential customers’ concerns helps create a campaign through valuable content.
  • Administrative: The administrative area benefits from the automatic features of the CRM when establishing and evaluating Service Level Agreements, tracking cases, joining the workflow, monitoring project management status and keeping all important documents within reach by managing digital files.

Given the above, you should know that if you want to improve the performance of your company’s processes, it is essential that you purchase the best services to make this possible. At Ditech, we know this is very important, so we present the Oracle NetSuite CRM solution, a tool in which you can manage all the projects in the different areas of your company to have accessible information in real-time, as well as offer you space where you can integrate your processes, and the best thing is that it is intuitive and friendly.

In fact, it is the best choice for CRM tool optimization, as today, companies are looking for relevant solutions that they attribute enormously to their set goals.

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